Web Design: Building It Right

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An effective webpage design can go a long way in keeping your site visitors interested. Here are some ways to ensure your website brings in more conversions.

Keep It Simple

Too many options on the website can leave the visitor confused and overwhelmed. Majority of the users visit the site with a definite purpose and the graphic, colors and design should never distract the user from finding what they need. Web design companies in Birmingham create web designs that are simple, easy to navigate and use strategically placed white space. Negative space can be used to make your webpage stand out, adding a touch of sophistication and professionalism. A clean, sleek design can draw the eye to the more important elements of the page.


More than loads of information, pictures convey a lot more facts quickly and effectively. Images in the form of arrows and buttons can also guide users to where they need to go on the web page. When choosing an image, quality is of the highest priority. Birmingham web design companies use high resolution images that fit in with the rest of the design. Infographics can be used in the place of text as they convey far more effectively.


Great content is nothing without visual appeal, typography and color. Each color elicits a different emotional response. Pinks and yellows are energizing and excitable, greens, blues and purples are calming while red has been known to make people hungry. The colors on your website must stick to the same color family and must strike a balance with contrasting shades. It is prudent to stick to a maximum of four colors. Web design companies in Birmingham incorporating the right type of font for your website can change the way visitors view your brand. Keep the text short and concise and avoid big paragraphs. Pay attention to your target audience, an older audience would prefer a larger font size, so that it’s easy to read.

Let it Flow

The information on the website must flow in an E format pattern. Most people start reading from the upper left corner and then move across the page. The most important information you would like to convey must be put on the top left corner of the web page. Birmingham web design companies use bullet points, headers and subheaders, instead of large blocks of text. Important instructions like ‘contact us’ and ‘shop now’ should appear above the web page fold. The entire website can look beautiful but it fails to serve its purpose if it is non-functional and unusable. Users should be able to achieve the desired action without too much confusion and with as little effort as possible. Websites are the face of your company or organization and therefore it must be effective, user friendly and conversion driven.