Tips to Create Hyper Targeting Ad Groups in ROI Maximizing PPC Campaigns

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Are you running a PPC campaign with a single, catch-all ad group? That’s like putting all your eggs in one basket and hoping for the best! As any good PPC management agency in Birmingham knows, having multiple, tightly themed ad groups can lead to better campaigns with lower costs and more conversions.

Key to Meaningful Campaigns

Ad groups are an important element of PPC campaigns and that’s why leading PPC management agencies in Birmingham give them due importance. Ad groups link keywords, ad creative and landing pages – they are one of the main tools available for PPC managers to create meaningful campaign hierarchies. Search engines like Google look to ad groups to decide which keywords and ads are relevant to a user’s search query.

Crucial for Effective Use of Budget

Having well-organized ad groups often leads to more effective use of limited budget because you can control bids at the ad group level as well as for individual keywords within an ad group. If you’re providing a superior user experience through relevant ads and relevant landing pages, Google will reward you with a higher Quality Score which will allow you to pay less for the same clicks and possibly get better ad ranking. Besides, a targeted landing page is more likely to achieve more conversions and sales.

Tightly Knit Ad Groups

Reliable PPC management agencies in Birmingham create tightly themed ad groups that revolve around a single keyword or a limited number of closely related keywords. The ads contained in each ad group should be well-aligned with the keywords and the landing page too should relate to keywords and ad copies – these measures help in optimal targeting of audience and enhancing click-through rates, website traffic volume and conversion rates.

Continuous Management for Maximizing Potential

PPC professionals recommend organizing ad groups by various product or service sections/categories on a client’s website. Creating hyper targeted ad groups is a lot of hard work but an expert PPC management agency in Birmingham will not shy away from creating as many ad groups as required to cover all products/services a client wants advertised. Since effective PPC management is an ongoing process, the PPC agency will update ad groups frequently based on their performance.

To restructure your current PPC account with targeted ad groups or to create a new account from scratch, get in touch with professional PPC experts in Birmingham!

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