Tips to Create Powerful PPC Ads That Entice Prospects to Click Through

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Well-written, compelling ads are a critical part of a PPC campaign that can drive high CTRs and ensure strong ROI. Read on to learn how a PPC management agency in Birmingham writes strong PPC ads that prospects want to click!

Three Indispensable Elements

An experienced PPC management agency in Birmingham focuses on three elements for creating a powerful ad – product/service features, benefits and call-to-action. Features may be the USP of a product/service or a particular attribute of a new product. Benefits help prospects understand how they gain by using your product/service and a call-to-action prompts users to take the next step – in this case, click on an ad.

Creative, Innovative Ad Copy

One of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of a PPC ad is by including an active verb either in the headline or call-to-action – active verbs sound dynamic and can also double up as calls-to-action, thereby enticing audience to click on an ad.  To help ads stand out from competition, PPC management agency in Birmingham may experiment with unusual and unconventional calls-to-action. Professionals use different PPC ad enhancement tools such as ad extensions and dynamic keyword insertion (if it’s an AdWords ad) to get above average click-through rates.

Effective Use of Limited Space

A professional PPC management agency understands that there are only a few characters to work with in different areas of a PPC ad including the headline, descriptions and URL and it’s crucial to maximize available space by highlighting the most important information. Inexperienced advertisers and marketers make the mistake of repeating information within a single PPC ad without realizing that this is a waste of limited space and characters. Experienced marketers understand the pitfalls of doing this and use their skills and creativity to overcome restrictions.

Rigorous Ad Testing

A good PPC management agency does not rely on guesswork or assumptions to make PPC ad decisions. It relies on best practices such as A/B testing to continuously optimize ads. A/B testing is a simple process where you write two ads and run them simultaneously. Next, you see which ad has higher CTR and stop the ad with the lower CTR. You replace the lower CTR ad with another one and repeat the process till you find the best performing ad.

Interested in more tips? Get in touch with your favourite PPC management agency in Birmingham!

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