Showcasing Your Business through A Well-designed Website

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A well designed website is purposeful, usable and attractive. Birmingham web design companies know that the website is the face of your business and can create a lasting impression. Take a look at some of the principles that ensure that your business website is both effective and engaging.

Simplicity and Consistency

Too many elements on the website may actually be quite distracting for the user. A simple website on the other hand is fresh, non-conflicting and user friendly. With quick loading, easy navigation and simple instructions, simplicity can prove to be a more effective tool. Consistency is also key when it comes to the design of every element. Plan ahead and decide the font type, size, color, headings and button styles. They should be the same on every page.

Typography, Visibility and Mobile Compatibility

Web design companies in Birmingham know that although the design on a web page is important, it pales next to the text or information displayed. The typography must be easy on the eyes, readable and make for interesting reading. Keywords, fonts, SEO elements, buttons and headlines are all elements that are vital to a good website. The web design must also support phones, tablets and screens. Failure to fit different screens can affect your businesses chance to stay ahead of the competitors.

Colors, Images and Easy Loading

Websites must use a good color combination to create a positive impact. White spaces are an integral part of any webpage since they balance the visual images and lend a more modern clean look. Do not use more than 3 tones or colors on the entire web design. By optimizing the size of images and compressing the Java, HTML and CSS scripts, the loading time can be drastically reduced. High quality images will enhance the overall look of the page.

Navigation and Communication

Research has shown that visitors prefer to use websites that are easy to navigate. Birmingham web design companies use bread scrums, clickable buttons and logical page hierarchy in order to ensure the user gets the information and response quickly. Organizing information appropriately, using headlines and sub- headlines, adding bullet points and keeping sentences short and to the point will enable visitors to get their information effectively. Each page of the website must convey a clear purpose and cater to the user’s needs. Birmingham web design companies develop functional, attractive, clean, user friendly and effective websites for companies to succeed and grow.