Reinventing Websites to Look And Function Effectively for A Successful Business

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Most web design companies in Birmingham work on improving color schemes, navigation and email marketing in order to create better business success.

Branding Consistency and Strong CTA’s

Brands that are not consistent with their image, color, what they stand for or their core message can actually be quite confusing. A powerful website will include a well-thought of brand story that includes a preset logo, colors, typography, images and videos. The goal of a website design is to entice the target customer to complete the required action in order to create conversions. A powerful CTA must be part of the planned strategy and should be positioned in an area of visibility.

Fast Loading Time

Research has shown that the speed at which a page loads can cause sales to rise or drop. More and more websites are aiming for the two second loading time in order to get the customer to stay.  Birmingham web design companies incorporate CDN or content delivery network which delivers a websites’ static files on to servers that are closer to the user causing the pages to load even quicker. Since nearly 60% of the website uses images, it helps to use newer formats that reduce image size without affecting its quality.

Search Engine Optimization and Mobile Phones

By using a single keyword, companies can get listed in the higher ranks in search engine results. This SEO practice has proven to be an effective tool in order to optimize a website. A great website needs to look equally good and function well when displayed on a mobile phone. If the mobile display is unorganized and cluttered it can result in lower potential leads. Web design companies in Birmingham must create a design that adjusts itself whether it’s on a laptop display or on a tablet.

Easy Navigation and Marketing

When potential customers visit a website, they expect it to be easy and simple to navigate. The less time they spend finding what they need, the better. Website pages can be made accessible by limiting the options on the menu bar, incorporating a search bar, positioning of the contact details and allowing the customer to scroll up and down easily. Email marketing is another practice that ensures that potential customers can be kept in the loop and communicated to and with.

Birmingham web design companies use creative marketing strategies that will impact their business positively.