Ranking factors and state of play of SEO

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Local SEO services in Birmingham can be challenging for several businesses. The threat of various ads in the local space and Google’s move from seven to three listings in the local pack has created a fiercely competitive environment for local businesses. If you wish to rank in the top three, your SEO specialist in Birmingham must be 100 percent on point. They need to keep abreast of search engine changes as well as market fluctuations. Here’s a look at the present scenario and what can be done to improve the situation for the better.

Local SEO: the present situation

Local results have come to the rescue of many local businesses in a hotbed of organic search competition. Users looking for local businesses are given an easy way to distinguish local from organic as rankings are relatively straightforward. Ranking factors give every local business a potential shot at attracting customers from the search engines since they have a physical address and proximity to the searcher. However, presently only three businesses are shown in the SERPs (unless users click through to see expanded results). Further, as mentioned earlier, Google has recently reduced the size of the local pack.

Local SEO: Ranking Factors

Annually, results from different surveys are compiled into a comprehensive Local SEO Ranking Factors report. You will get an idea of what to do to improve your local visibility so your products and services are accessible to the market. Although this report may not be actionable on its own, it is a valuable asset to SEO specialists in Birmingham and to small businesses. The skill here is to know how to use this information to rank your business in the local results (localised organic and the local pack). SEO experts will be able to clearly explain what each of these factors means.

Scaling hurdles in local listings

The challenge only gets tougher when ads start to creep into the local results, and there is the ever-looming threat of home service ads eating up standard AdWords text ads and local listings. Local results can also become a fierce battleground similar to the fight between organic and paid listings. To be in the running, you must pay close attention to the fine details since the results can change almost daily. The best way to combat these problems is to enlist the help of professional SEO services in Birmingham.