Increased Rankings, Advertisements and Conversions with PPC

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Ranking high in search engines enables small businesses to compete with large more established organizations, develop brad recognition and steady traffic on the website. While this may not be an easy task, it definitely achievable with the help of marketing strategies built by PPC management agencies in Birmingham.

PPC Advertising For Small Businesses

There are few things that effectively increase PPC results, one of them being more customer lifetime value. This is usually with relation to educational programs, doctors, subscription providers and utility providers where each conversion can potentially result in an increased lifetime customer value. Secondly, if your product such as lawsuits, home renovations or vehicles, brings in a huge profit then the business campaign may choose to pay more per click. Products that are difficult to source locally make for a great business product and an even better PPC advertising candidate. With increased competition, there are some top platforms to consider to get your business growing. Google is the most popular and the king of all search engines. Once you identify your keywords, you may be able to get away with a rank by paying a reasonable price. Bing holds close to 33% in the market share and its advertisements are also displayed on Yahoo. This means for a lower cost you can get your ads displayed on two search engines. PPC management agencies in Birmingham recommend that small businesses that want to expand their search range towards a targeted area or market can use Yelp Ads. They support direct responses through reviews and engagements. Advertisements displayed on the Yahoo Stream Ads are inserted into a sponsored box along with the relevant context. This usually ensures a higher engagement rate and conversion rate.

PPC Social Media Advertising Platforms to Use

Social media users are always on the lookout for instant gratification and are open to discovering a new product, business, idea or service. That’s why it’s a great launching pad to introduce your brand to your target audience. At the top, Facebook is the most popular platform and it has a large demographic size and audience. Instagram is another powerful way to advertise your business through imagery. PPC management agencies in Birmingham know that tremendous success can be reached through YouTube’s effective video communication and advertisements. Twitter offers small businesses content sharing, increased exposure and developing a brand voice. LinkedIn is relevant for B2B enterprises and professional audiences. Pinterest advertising is featured on both websites and mobile apps and are primarily dominated by women users. The key strategy employed by PPC management agencies in Birmingham, is to identify relevant keywords, know and understand the target audience, develop a plan with the right type of leads and utilize the right social media platform.