How can Google AdWords service boost your business?

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AdWords advertising is a widely used digital marketing tool in today’s business industry worldwide. No business marketing campaign is complete without using google AdWords campaign.

If you are looking for a Google AdWords service in Birmingham, here is some information about how the tool works and how you can use it to your business advantage.  

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a tool used as an advertising platform online. It lists your website at the top of a google search result page and connects your business with the right target audience, even through a third-party app. To use this service, you need to pay an amount to Google who will then display your company ads on various websites, popular channels such as YouTube and inside other commonly used apps. These results are arrived at through the use of some specific keywords. The ads on the AdWords tool are typically text with a catchy headline and a brief description of the product or service being advertised. A link will be provided to your website in the advertisement. You will need to pay Google based on the number of users who click on your company’s ad. This is referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC.

How does Google AdWords work?

The biggest factor that determines which ad Google decides to display is the Bid Amount. Other factors such as relevancy of the ad and user preference and location also plays a big part in the process.  Google AdWords advertising works by bidding on keywords. Bidding can be either automated or manual. You bid a certain amount on specific keywords related to your business. When a user searches on the internet using those keywords, your ad will be displayed if your bid wins in the competition when compared to the bids of the other advertisers for the same set of keywords. After that, it depends on the user. You will be charged only if the user clicks on the link in your ad and is routed to your website. To get the best results, you will need to use a combination of keyword match types such as a broad match, phrase match or an exact phrase match.

Before you choose an AdWords service in Birmingham, it will be good for you to know what outcome you are specifically looking to get. Based on your target, you can optimize your AdWords campaign to get your business wider visibility and the desired results.