Four Website Design Tips to Ensure a Superior User Experience

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Are you looking for a web design company in Birmingham that can provide you with a great looking website? Apart from compelling design and strong content, a website also needs to be user-friendly in order to succeed. Here are a few ways to ensure you don’t turn audiences away.

Simple and Clean Homepage

The best Birmingham web design companies recommend keeping the home page simple and free of clutter. Make it easier for audiences to quickly process what’s in front of them by providing valuable information in a clear and succinct form. Use relevant paragraphs, larger subheadings to break up information. Consider using unique icons or images to communicate a point and include a call-to-action to enable conversions.

Combine Information Hierarchy with Visual Elements

Along with establishing a clear hierarchy of information, a good web design company in Birmingham uses visual elements such as colour, contrast and size for better clarity and arrangement. Make sure there’s sufficient contrast between text and background to make it easier for audiences to recognize words and sentences. Select colours that are part of your brand but do not compromise on readability. Don’t use more than three fonts and in case you do use more than three fonts, make sure they are in harmony with each other.

Clear and Well-Thought Navigation

A proficient web design company in Birmingham knows the role of solid navigation to enhance user experience. Your menu should be at the top of your home page and have good structure. If you have an e-commerce business and you’re interested in a long-scrolling website, use an anchor menu so that audiences will be able to quickly access different sections from where they are. Don’t ignore the footer – include a shorter menu version, your social media handles and important links such as FAQs, contact, blog, privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Ensure Responsiveness on Different Devices

Finally, make your website mobile responsive. An increasing number of searchers are using smartphones to access the internet and if your website does not show properly on different devices, they will simply bounce and you will lose an opportunity to engage with them. Make sure your website automatically adapts to different screen sizes and supports all browsers.

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