Four Web Design Features That Improve User Experience on E-Commerce Websites

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E-commerce startups often feel like they cannot compete with established players. However, this is not entirely true – one way to attract customers is by offering an improved website user experience. Here are some of the latest features that a web design company in Birmingham can incorporate to create an enticing, user-friendly website.

Minimalism for Easier Navigation

A good web design company in Birmingham understands that a minimalistic approach can lead to a powerful user experience. Complex web designs are often cluttered and make users feel uncomfortable while using them. A simple design structure lends itself to easier site navigation, hassle free product searches and finding desired information with minimum fuss. There are cases where some e-commerce businesses do well with complex features – a good web design company can recommend which approach is best for a particular business.

Micro Interactions for Guidance

A current technology that an increasing number of Birmingham web design companies are adopting for e-commerce websites is micro interactions. Micro-interactions are tiny interactions between a user and the website that help users accomplish particular tasks. They act like directions – for example, they can show users every step of a process to successfully complete a task. They help users stay engaged on the website, prevent errors of operation and encourage users to act quickly.

Chatbots for Communication

A good web design company in Birmingham strives to incorporate features that improve communication between user and seller. Today, you’ll find that many sites have chatbots that enhance interaction between a customer and the site. With the development of AI and machine learning, communicating with bots has become more natural and including chatbots in a website can be a very effective strategy to finding promising prospects and improving customer service.

Grid Layouts for Better Structuring

Having interactive content is one of the best ways to boost user engagement and conversion rates. However, adding content should be done carefully without cluttering the website. Grid based layouts have become a popular way to create order among various elements in websites. After taking into consideration various factors such as the amount and type of content as well as various devices for users, web designers at a good web design company in Birmingham can develop a customized user-friendly grid layout.

For more ideas to improve customer website experience, get in touch with Birmingham’s premier web design company!