Four Tips to Increase Leads and Conversions from Your Website

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Is your website bringing in lots of traffic but not driving high levels of leads and sales? Birmingham web design companies often hear this complaint when they’re evaluating existing websites for potential clients. The good news is that a few critical changes can drastically improve lead generation and the performance of your website.

Make a Unique Value Proposition

A good web design company in Birmingham understands the importance of reviewing a client’s target audience, analyzing products/services and researching into competition. The point of this exercise is to develop a website that gives to the audience what they are looking for. It’s very important to create a unique value proposition that addresses customers’ needs and formulate the right messaging in a language your core audience will understand and appreciate.

Entice With Useful Information and Call-to-Action

An experienced web design company in Birmingham will tell you that it’s not enough to present useful and meaningful information if you want a lead generating website. The key is to take a marketing approach. You can derive greater value by offering free white papers, webinars, blogs and e-books in exchange of customer information. Strategic placement of calls-to-action also have a major role to play in lead generation and these should be displayed prominently on important website pages.

Include Relevant Graphics

Purposeful graphics can enhance lead generation rates. Purposeful graphic design is something that creates instant attraction, builds credibility and guides user to core messaging. Clear and uncluttered graphic design is effective and desirable but stay clear of gaudy or bare graphics unless your business absolutely demands it. A proficient web design company in Birmingham will take a structured approach and ensure there’s a logical flow in a website so that users are guided to convert as leads and paying customers.

Help Users Feel Reassured

Customers like to feel reassured about a business before they decide to convert. By incorporating various website features such as client testimonials, social proof, trust indicators and security seals, you can give customers reassurance about your credibility. Having short forms that only ask for essential details is also a good way to keep customers happy – after all, no one wants to waste time filling in unnecessary details just to receive a newsletter or email.

For more ideas and assistance in implementing these strategies, consult the leading website design company in Birmingham!

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