Four PPC Management Tactics to Fine Tune Campaigns and Maximize ROI

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With an increasing number of Birmingham businesses adopting PPC to drive leads, conversions and sales, you need to take your campaign to the next level. Here are some highly effective practices for PPC management in Birmingham that can give you an edge over your competitors.

Create Focused Ad Groups

Create numerous narrow, focused ad groups with a limited number of keywords and matching ad creative. Some experts for PPC management in Birmingham recommend a different ad group for each keyword. This will allow you to make more specific ads that drive higher CTRs and have a cascading effect on campaign effectiveness. You should also add negative keywords to each ad group in order to weed out irrelevant clicks.

Implement Relevant Ad Extensions

An expert for PPC management in Birmingham will tell you that ad extensions are a very effective way to help ads occupy more real estate on SERPs and increase ad relevance. They don’t cost a penny but allow you to provide additional useful information to users and encourage them to click. In AdWords, you have a large variety of extensions to choose from including location extensions, call-out extensions, message extensions, call extensions, site link extensions, structured snippet extensions and app extensions.

Develop Optimized Landing Pages

A very effective practice for successful PPC management in Birmingham is creating dedicated landing pages for each ad group and testing them on a frequent basis to make sure they’re optimized for user experience. Fast loading custom landing pages that include ad keywords, matching copy and a prominent call to action are essential to convert site visitors. Relevant landing pages lead to improvements in Quality Score with attending benefits such as lower CPC and higher ad rankings.

Track Conversions and Customer Journey

Within Google AdWords, there are a number of reports that can help you track performance of KPIs and fine tune campaigns. To access these reports, you need to set up conversion tracking. You should track different types of conversions such as downloads, sign-ups, purchases etc. from different sources such as website, app, phone or in-store to get holistic understanding. It’s also a good idea to link your AdWords account to Google Analytics – this will allow you to see customer journey right from ad click to their last action on website.

Partner an experienced PPC management agency to implement these practices and race ahead of competition!

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