Changing the Way You Engage Your Target Audience with the New Website Design Trends

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With the advances in technology and changes in the culture, new website design trends are emerging this year. The main goal of Birmingham web design companies is to create a competitive edge and keep the product looking desirable and fresh to the target audience. Here’s a look at some of these trends.

Gradients 2.0 and Abstract Illustrations

For a long time, minimalism was in, which meant less color, more white spaces, and reduced visual properties. The lack of vibrancy and originality got dull and soon web designers began to experiment with the various visual styles-the top one being the gradient. Gradients are a versatile tool, used to add color and depth. They could be used to highlight brand names or to create background contexts or even accentuate certain functional elements. Digital illustrations are an excellent way to ensure that your brand takes center stage through visual impact. Most genuine illustrations belong to a company and brand and act as a work of art as well as serve a specific business purpose. Pairing animation with illustrations is a great way to grab the attention of the visitor.

Bold Fonts and Geometric Shapes

The first things that usually grab attention are the headlines and their design. Larger- than- life-size bold fonts are modern, visually heavy and creates the right contrast and improves content comprehension. Of course, it must be used only for headers or short text pieces. It must be set against a neutral background and should be easily readable. Designers in Birmingham web design companies like to use simple geometric shapes, patterns, and lines to create visual dividers and powerful visual compositions.

Design and Visualization

Web design companies in Birmingham build websites to deliver visual communication that is not just informational but also emotional. Designs must connect and create an emotional impact by using various tools available in the toolbox. It’s been proven that people remember and comprehend visual information faster and better than text. Newer websites incorporate visual stories that engage and captivate. No longer are the images static but movie style experiences that are both powerful and immersive. Videos are dynamic and live and definitely more appealing.

 Brands are no longer satisfied with a one-size-fits-all approach. They want a personalized experience. They want to engage with their audience and they want to create an atmosphere where the brand stays embedded in the mind.