Benefits of an External PPC Audit Conducted By Professionals

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Have you considered a PPC audit by an external agency? Auditing is an important part of ongoing PPC management in Birmingham and an audit conducted by an external agency is an opportunity to review the account from a fresh, new perspective. Here are some main benefits of outsourcing.

Revisit Account Basics

To maximize returns from PPC management in Birmingham, accounts need to be evaluated frequently. A PPC audit by a professional digital marketing agency is an opportunity to revisit basic account elements that you take for granted and assume are working as they should. The fundamental assessment areas include account structure, campaign/ad group settings, different types of ads, keywords including negative keywords, landing page effectiveness, bid strategy, location targeting strategy and conversion tracking.

Identify Areas of Wasted Spend

Even if you’re conducting rigorous ongoing PPC management in Birmingham, there’s a possibility that you’re missing out on identifying wasteful spend because identifiers are hidden under a pile of data. When an external agency conducts a PPC audit, it brings in its own structured steps and looks at the account with a fresh set of eyes. This often leads to analyzing from a new viewpoint and identifying areas of wasteful spend. You can also know which strategies are paying off and which are not.

Make Well-Informed Campaign Decisions

Professionals offering services for PPC management in Birmingham know that an audit is not the time to start making corrections. Instead, they provide a detailed analysis of the account with information about deficiencies, how it stacks against industry best standards as well as opportunities for improvement in a comprehensive, easy to read report. This can help you make well-informed campaign decisions and determine strategies going forward.

Start with a Free Audit

Experts recommend conducting an internal PPC audit every quarter and an external audit by professionals once a year. However, if you find that the performance of your account is saturating and you’re unable to pinpoint the reasons, it may be a good idea to consult an expert. A free PPC audit by a reputed PPC management company is a great opportunity to evaluate your account. Based on the findings, you can revise account marketing strategies with the help of the agency so that you continue to get steady ROI.

Availing a free PPC audit is just a few clicks away – do it now to review the health of your account!

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