A Quick Guide to Google Adwords Campaign

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Google AdWords is a major platform in the digital world of marketing. However, it is important to get things right from the outset in order to avoid any costly mistakes. Here is a quick guide to help you out before you choose a google AdWords service in Birmingham or elsewhere in the UK.

Keyword and audience research

The first step is to understand your consumer’s demands for your products. Before choosing your AdWords advertising, you would need to survey your customers. Find out the uniqueness of your brand and what makes them come back. Brainstorm with your customer service team and other departments and find out how google AdWords can benefit your business. In addition, keeping a check on your competitors would give you a better idea on what keywords might add value to your list.

Keyword match types

Each consumer is different and may not use the same keywords to search for a particular product. Hiring a google AdWords service in Birmingham or elsewhere would help you find different keyword match types that you may require in you campaign. You could either use a broad match, match phrases or use exactly matched phrases. A combination of all these matches are generally used to gain maximum results.

Creating PPC ads

Once you have defined your keywords, the next step is to create your ad copy. Using PPC ads provides more scope for you to communicate with your audience. You could also use ad extensions to highlight offers, benefits or unique selling points to your intended audience.

AdWords bidding

Once your ads are in place, the next step in the AdWords advertising campaign is an auction. An AdWords auction helps you decide the position of your ads based on your keywords and how much you pay for each action. Bidding can be of two types. Automated bidding where rule-based automation is used to deliver maximum value. The second type is manual bidding where you can control your feedbacks and ability to adjust bids based on your performance.

Review and optimising performance

Reviewing the results from google AdWords would help you keep a close eye on your performance and any adjustments that may be required. The four dimensions that you would require to keep a check on include click/impressions, conversion rate, cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition. This would help your campaign run smoothly and optimise your performance.

There are many ways you can use google AdWords. When choosing a google AdWords service in Birmingham or elsewhere, make sure you know what exactly you are looking for. A well optimised AdWords campaign can work much faster than SEO and can help you gain instant visibility.